Out of ideas on how to keep your little bee’s bodies moving and brains engaged throughout the school holidays?

Busy Bee Boxes are full of fun and engaging activities that are sure to keep your child happy and entertained through the school holidays. 

During the school holidays children are at higher risk of regression across multiple areas of development such as fine motor, handwriting and learning skills. Busy Bee Boxes are designed to keep kids engaged in activities that address these areas as well as many others without feeling like homework.

Each themed box contains the instructions and supplies for the craft, gross motor and handwriting activities as well as outing and cooking suggestions, to encourage and maintain a child’s enthusiasm and imagination. 

These boxes are not intended to replace the assessment and intervention of an Occupational Therapist rather to give you as a Parent/Carer a handful of fun activities to do with your children.

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Melissa Woollard


After working with children for many years both as a Nanny and an Occupational Therapist, I understand the importance of filling the school holidays with fun, meaningful and developmentally appropriate activities to keep those bodies moving and their brains engaged. The breaks from school can be difficult to manage without the daily routine and structure as well as the learning environment that school provides. 

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“My two boys loved their Busy Bee box. It was full of new ideas for activities to do in the holidays. It kept them busy and stimulated on fun tasks that stretched their thinking and fine motor skills”  

- Chloe


"We have purchased a number of busy bee boxes for my 3 children. We have found them to be so useful especially on holidays. You can pack the little boxes that are complete with very interesting and entertaining activities. Each activity is very well explained and comes with all the craft items needed. They have also been a saviour on a rainy day when you have run out of ideas to entertain the kids."

- Sarah

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